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Our mission & values

Since the company was founded in 2012, Japanese culture has been the basis of our actions. We attach great importance to respect, decency, politeness, honesty, transparency and reliability. Both towards our customers and suppliers as well as within our team.

We support each other in terms of leadership, motivation and further development of our employees.

As a family-run company with a lean structure, open and effective communication is one of the essential pillars of our company's success.

Our suppliers are among the most renowned and multi-award-winning Matcha and Tea producers.

Only in a healthy body dwells a healthy mind; healthy and nutritious food is a matter of course for Japanese society.

The evaluation and selection of our suppliers is not only based on economic criteria, but also particularly on social and ecological criteria.

We want to make a valuable contribution to nutritional health.

Our customer and supplier relationships are carefully built up over many years and we take our mutual obligations very seriously.

Long-term supply contracts guarantee not only consistent quality, but also permanent availability.

We regularly engage in intensive exchange with our customers and suppliers in order to be able to respond to each other's wishes and needs and to be aware of the stages of development and production.

We want to develop together with our business partners.

Quality & Customer Promise

Our products are unique and of the highest quality. They come exclusively from the world's best Tea growing areas in Japan and are certified according to the EU organic regulation.

Legally required food standards are of course met and, if possible, exceeded.

We refuse to use pesticides and genetically modified food.

The greatest possible transparency about ingredients is an essential concern for us.

Our products and services are accompanied by complete traceability, from the producer to the consumer - we deliver what the specifications of our products promise.

The optimisation of processes and procedures, reaction times and adherence to deadlines are a central concern for us.

We respond promptly to any complaints and enquiries and strive to find a satisfactory long-term solution.

Sustainability and operational environmental protection

We inform and train our employees and suppliers in order to direct their sense of responsibility towards relevant environmental aspects and to improve work processes in terms of environmental protection.

We are constantly optimising our logistics and our own vehicle fleet. This includes measures such as bundling orders, switching to alternative drive technologies and car pooling.

Food safety, product safety culture and product protection

Our aim is to achieve maximum product safety and product legality in the products we manufacture and trade.

As part of our product safety culture, we practice food safety management with the aim of bringing only safe food to market. The management and all employees are aware of the dangers and risks in the food sector and are committed to implementing and permanently developing our product safety culture.

Building on a practised error culture, we improve step by step. We are aware of our strengths and weaknesses and the possible dangers, and to this end we are in constant exchange with authorities and testing institutes.

In order to prevent food fraud, all deliveries are thoroughly checked upon arrival and also subjected to sensory tests by a team of experts.